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Type yPlexr® Plus Treatment

The next level of non-invasive skin renewal to regain Your Youthful Looks without Surgery

Plasma Exeresis technology was conceived and developed by GMV, a company with over 10 years of experience in plasma technology, owned of Plexr brand, the first plasma device in the world used in aesthetic medicine, internationally patented. Applications of Plexr® involve different medical disciplines: dermatology, aesthetic medicine, oculoplasty, dentistry, gynecology. The methodology and application protocols are constantly developed in collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders and prestigious universities in Italy and around the world. The results are published in scientific research and peer-reviewed journals.

Scar-Free Skin Tightening

Plexr’s non-invasive plasma technology stimulates collagen and elastin production, providing remarkable skin-tightening results without the risk of scarring.

Precision for Delicate Areas

With Plexr’s precise and targeted approach, you can effectively tighten and rejuvenate delicate areas like the eyelids. No surgery or incisions.

Quick Recovery, Lasting results

Plexr’s non-surgical procedure offers minimal downtime and discomfort. Get active soon after treatment. long-lasting skin tightening results.r paragraph here.